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 Service List
1. Airdrop Project Marketing
2. Email Marketing
3. Content Marketing

4. Telegram Bot Making
5. Telegram Channel/Group Marketing
6. Twitter Marketing
7. Medium I'd Promote
8. Facebook Marketing
9. SEO
10.Mobile Phone 


       All Social Media Promotion 

It is time to unleash the power of this goldmine and present your business in front of such a large audience.

Social media is transforming the way businesses are done. With the help of marketing and the right content, management, and strategies, you can directly engage with a huge community all over the world and create a recognized and unique identity for your brand.

That’s where I come into place. Being an experienced social media marketer and manager, I will make sure your brand/business has an active presence in the digital market paired with captivating content to increase brand awareness and attract new customers.

Services offered:

Page/Account Setup

Daily posting of relevant content+management

Creating Posts/Captions/Google Sheet Activity

Ads Setup / Ads Management /Google Ads /SEO Analytics /KeywordsFinding

Social Media Strategy

Brand Awareness

Finding Hashtags Increase Engagement and many more as According to Your Needs! 

Services offered:






Youtube    and as according to your needs

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I Look forward to working with you 

Regards: AirdropKingNews

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